Virtual Goods, Inc

We offer an API to store and access Virtual Goods in a structured manner. You can then sell these goods through In-App Purchase

How to Login

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Creating Projects

Once logged in, you can create projects and set up users access.

Account Overview

Getting Results

To test the JSON output, click on the appropriate links, below is some sample JSON output

Example JSON

Reasons why you should use Virtual Goods, Inc...

You want...

Use us because you don't...

  • You want a service that's free to use for 7 days
  • You want to use our servers to host your Virtual Goods
  • You want to use an already made Virtual Goods Api
  • You want to deliver additional Virtual Goods into your app without a code push
  • You want statistics on what products are being used
  • You want a customizable system to fit your data model
  • You need Web-Scale serving power
  • You want to use a Virtual Goods Api with great documentation thats easy to use
  • You want to use Google's authentication system
  • You want to share projects with other developers
  • You don't have a server where you can host your Virtual Goods
  • You don't want to create a system to manage your Virtual Goods
  • You don't want to deploy new code everytime you want to offer something new
  • You don't want to manually edit xml/json files containing product information
  • You don't always want to sell your Virtual Goods
  • You don't want to have unlockable content embedded in your apps
  • You don't want to be tied to one app store